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Important Numbers


  • Medical/Fire:  Call 911
  • Non-life threatening i.e. water leaks, power outage, etc.
    • 7:00am-4:00pm call Property Management (Newell) 239-514-1199 press 1 for after-hour emergencies.
  • Florida Power & Light  1-800-966-4875
  • Fire Dept Non-Emergency: 239-569-5800
  • Sheriff’s Non-Emergenecy: 239-252-9300

Newell Property Management 

  • General: 239-514-1199
  • Egrets Exterminator:
    • Bugs-Are-Us  239-337-4484
  • Property Manager; Kenneth Peredo
    • 239-514-1199 X243
    • Email:

Imperial Golf Estates:

  • Main Gate House:
  • Summit Broadband (cable/internet): 239-444-0400 or 407-996-8900
  • For vehicle passes (transponders for gatehouse fast lane) contact:

Abbey On The Lake Guidelines

1- CDC Covid 19 guidelines must be followed in the pool area unless otherwise noted.
2- Trash Pick-up is mandatory

3- Inform the main Imperial Security Gate if you expect a guest or vendor. Gate # is 1-239-597-2005 (voice messaging system).
4- All guests must register at the gate and display pass on dash of car when parked in the Abbey.
5- No items may be placed in or on the common areas. The common area is anywhere outside your front porch or back entrance door.
6- Only one vehicle is to be parked in your assigned spot, any additional or guest parking is reserved to open spots opposite assigned parking.
7- To facilitate pool use to authorized residents/guests, pool entry requires a pool key.
8- Read the Pool Rules before using this facility.
9- Conserve water whenever possible.
10-Abbey On The Lake Rules and Regulations apply to all owners, tenants, and guests. A copy of Rules and Regulations must be made available in a conspicuous area for all tenants. Owners will be responsible for adherence by their guests and tenants.


Abbey On The Lake is located within Imperial Golf Estates in North Naples. The Imperial Golf Estates main entrance (Imperial Golf Course Blvd) is located off Hwy. 41 North (Tamiami Trail) between Immokalee Rd and Old US 41 Rd (Security Access 24 hours). This gated/security entrance is open 24 hours.